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Providing Balanced Nutrition for Long Life & Good Health in Our Pet Patients

Appropriate nutrition is the foundation for good health in every pet. Veterinary Medical Associates provide nutritional assessments, prescription diets, information, guidance, and support to pet owners for the optimum health and vigor of animal companions at every stage of life.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Pets who maintain a healthy weight tend to experience longer life and a more enjoyable senior stage. Certainly, a balanced approach to wellness includes an annual weight assessment, recommendations for proper food and treats, exercise for overall health, and nutritional correction when weight gain or loss is noted.

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Obesity in pets is rampant in this country. Fortunately, it is a condition that is easily addressed with nutritional counseling and implementation of a weight loss plan. We develop a personalized plan for your pet, and schedule follow-up appointments to discuss progress and address your questions or concerns.

Protect your overweight pet from the discomfort of that extra weight, damage to joints, and the risk of certain diseases associated with obesity. Develop a weight loss plan with us today.


Pets that lose weight are often suffering from an undiagnosed disease or condition that requires medical intervention. Pets that refuse to eat may be experiencing pain, either from dental issues or an internal medical problem. Pets that eat well but still lose weight may be infected with parasites, suffering from a hormonal disease, or dealing with an imbalanced diet.

Whatever your pet’s weight situation, we perform diagnostic testing along with a complete exam to determine the source of the problem and address it at once. In addition, pets suffering from a painful condition will receive pain management in combination with treatment protocols, to provide immediate comfort and enhance healing.

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Special Diets for Special Needs

Nutrition can be a great benefit for pets with allergies, diseases, or special conditions. Of course, specialized diets may be recommended for the unique needs of our healthy puppies and kittens, as well as nutritional support for our senior pets.

In our pharmacy, we carry a variety of prescription diets for pets including Hill’s Pet nutrition products and Royal Canin® Diet. For our avian friends, we recommend Harrison's bird foods, and Oxbow feed for our special rabbits and other small mammals.

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