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Complete Care for Exotic Reptile & Amphibian Pets

Veterinary Medical Associates provides comprehensive care for our reptile and amphibian patients. Pet owners are supported by our team as well, with information, guidance, and pet care resources. We are able to advise you in selecting an appropriate exotic pet for your lifestyle, reptile and amphibian housing, accessories, nutrition, and long-term care.

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About Reptile & Amphibian Pets

Unique reptile and amphibian pets include lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, toads, and salamanders. These types of companions are a good choice for those allergic to fur or feathers. However, such exotic pets may provide the inexperienced owner with unique challenges. We recommend you discuss your choice with our veterinarians prior to your purchase or adoption, to prepare you for the unknowns in exotic pet care.

Amphibian & Reptile Basics

Each type of reptile and amphibian is unique, requiring specific equipment, housing, diet, and basic care.

  • Temperature—These exotics require a controlled climate with regulated moisture and temperature, to mimic their natural environment. As poikilothermic ectotherms, reptiles and amphibians cannot control their own body temperature. Therefore, a precise thermally controlled environmental habitat is essential for these pets.
  • Housing—Space is an important factor in choosing a reptile or amphibian pet. Many of these exotics will grow to be quite large over time. An apartment aquarium will eventually be inadequate for certain types of snakes or an iguana that can grow to four feet or more in length. Housing and mature pet size are important in choosing the right pet for you.
  • Diet—These exotics run the dietary gamut, from vegetarian to carnivore, some requiring live diets. The experience of feeding live animals to your pet may not be for you.
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  • Hygiene—You, your friends, and your family members run the risk of exposure to Salmonella bacteria from some species of reptiles or amphibians. Salmonella can cause serious illness, especially in children or those with compromised immune systems. Educating yourself, practicing good hygiene, and regular veterinary care are all critical to the health of these pets and their owners.

We look forward to assisting you in choosing and caring for your amphibian and reptile pets. Contact our hospital to set up an appointment today.