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Veterinary Medical Associates Veterinary Medical Associates
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Pet Meds, Prescription Diets, Pet Care Products & More

Veterinary Medical Associates offers the convenience of our full-service pharmacy. Personal service and professional guidance set us apart from online pharmacies. We guarantee our pharmaceuticals and pet care products are safe and of the highest quality.

We fill your prescriptions in a timely manner and, typically, medications for sick pets are ready for you during your appointment time. After surgical procedures, pain medications are prepared for you to take home, providing comfort of your pet and peace of mind for you.

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Personal Pharmaceuticals

Our pharmacy offers options in a variety of pet medications. This service is called compounding, the mixing of drugs to suit the unique needs of our individual patients.

Such medication options may include:

  • Form—Convert from a solid to a liquid, gel, or paste
  • Dose—Adjusted for size, age, and type of pet
  • Flavor—Added to create a more palatable medication for fussy pets
  • Purity—Eliminates non-essential ingredients that may be allergens

Compounded medication is as safe, or safer, than any prepared pharmaceuticals. Our professional standards for packaging and dispensing pet medications and products are incomparable, and we guarantee the quality and purity of every product.

Call our pharmacy any time, with questions or concerns about your pet medications.