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An elderly dog laying in a person's lap

Pets Deserve Veterinary Medicine That Treats the Whole Patient

When your pets get sick or injured, you need veterinary care you can count on. Veterinary Medical Associates’ staff is trained and experienced in internal medicine, and we offer the kind of service that says, “We care.”

We Treat the Whole Pet

Sick and injured pets deserve a veterinarian that looks at the whole patient, not just symptom relief. Our internal medicine department offers advanced diagnostics, comprehensive veterinary services and treatments, and an array of additional services designed to bring about healing. Added services include veterinary chiropractic care, laser therapy, and healing treatments with a focus on pain management for the comfort and well-being of our patients.

A pet's X-rays

Veterinary Diagnostics & Treatment

Our initial diagnostic approach extends to all areas of our patient’s life. Advanced diagnostic technology extends to all areas of pet health, from cardiology and cancer to dermatology and eye diseases or injuries.

We customize our treatment plan to meet the specific needs of each patient, often employing a combination of therapies. Comprehensive care means your pet is treated in our hospital under the care of familiar, compassionate providers—no need to visit outside specialists or veterinary facilities.

A dog being examined with ultrasound

Comprehensive Patient Care

Available treatments at Veterinary Medical Associates include chemotherapy for cancer patients, allergy testing and treatment, and cardiology services for patients with heart disease. We treat the disease while supporting the patient’s entire body, for more complete comfort and healing.

Patients with serious diseases often suffer from a weakened immune system. Treating such patients in our critical care unit includes a true isolation ward with a separate ventilation system, for patient safety and the highest standard of care.

Your pet deserves our care—contact our hospital to schedule an appointment.