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An elderly dog laying in a person's lap

Comfort & Dignity at the End of Life for Your Special Animal Companion

When facing the end of life for our pets, there is often a need for support and guidance in determining the right path to follow. At Veterinary Medical Associates, we realize there is no more important decision you will make than deciding when it is time to let your companion go. We are dedicated to providing the guidance you need with a focus on compassionate care and humane treatment.

Comfort and Peace at the End

Our team is dedicated to providing a comfortable end of life for your cherished pet and, whenever possible, a positive experience for your family. While some pets meet an unexpected end through an accident or sudden illness, many live long, productive lives well into their golden years. These senior pets often experience a peaceful and relaxed passing with our help.

Today’s options for pain management provide relief from chronic discomfort and incurable disease. We create a palliative care plan when treatment is no longer effective or desired, taking your specific wishes for your companion into consideration.

An old dog laying on the ground

Humane Euthanasia Services

No pet is ever allowed to suffer without cause, and many are provided comfort until the last moment while surrounded by loving family. We offer humane euthanasia services and provide guidance and support when you are faced with that difficult decision. After your pet has passed, we work closely with the West Coast Pet Memorial Services. West Coast Pet Memorial Services is a full-service center, providing cremation and burial services for your pets.

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