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Modern Veterinary Diagnostics for Modesto Area Pets

Correct diagnosis of illness or injury in companion animals is critical to proper and timely veterinary care. At Veterinary Medical Associates, we offer the finest diagnostic testing available and skilled professionals to interpret patient results.

Veterinary Laboratory

A german shepard being examined

We offer a comprehensive veterinary laboratory for use in wellness testing and diagnostics. At the wellness visit, we may use diagnostics such as a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, internal parasite test, and urinalysis, to determine overall patient health.

In sick pets, we use laboratory tests to confirm the presence of bacteria or viruses, rule out certain diseases, or monitor patient response to treatment. When your pet is scheduled for a surgical procedure, lab tests can help identify potential risks or complications with anesthesia.

A digital x-ray

Modern Radiology

Veterinarians use X-rays to diagnose an injury or certain illnesses. Modern radiology produces X-rays that are clearer and more precise. In addition, this technology exposes our patients to very small doses of radiation, harmless if used properly.

Our hospital offers digital X-rays, the latest advance in X-ray imaging. This technology digitizes the information to produce a highly detailed image on a computer screen. This allows us to digitally store images or share them during specialist consults.

We use digital X-rays for a variety of medical concerns, from taking images of a broken bone to obtaining detailed views of a patient’s mouth in dental evaluations. Radiographs are indispensable in examining the thoracic cavity for many possible problems, as well as the abdomen for organ examination.

A cat being examined with ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound

Diagnostic sonography allows us to create ultrasound images. This technology is used in many veterinary circumstances, from examining internal organs to monitoring patient pregnancy.

A hand-held probe is moved over the surface of the skin to create the ultrasound image, a safe and painless process for our patients. Because ultrasound produces a live image, it is useful in viewing blood flow in a beating heart or to guide a surgeon in performing biopsies.

Echocardiography is a special kind of ultrasound used to view the heart. The echocardiogram allows us to examine valve movement, chamber size, motion, and changes in and around the heart. This special technology is used to diagnose problems such as heart murmurs or congestive heart failure in your pets.

Minimally Invasive Endoscopy

Endoscopy allows our veterinarians to internally examine patients by inserting a long rigid or flexible tube into the body. The tip of the endoscope is fitted with a video chip and light to capture images and send them to a video monitor. This technology allows us minimally invasive access to the lungs, GI tract, colon, joints, and more, for obtaining diagnostic information as well as performing surgery.

We’re here for you and your pets. Call us to learn more about our veterinary diagnostic services.