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Experienced Veterinary Care for Pet Birds

Veterinary Medical Associates provides comprehensive care for our avian patients. Pet owners are supported by our team as well, with information, guidance, and pet care resources. We are able to advise you in selecting an appropriate bird for your lifestyle, housing your pet, accessories, training, nutrition, and much more.

About Pet Birds

Pet birds offer a wide variety of colors, sizes, and abilities. They are beautiful, bright, and entertaining pets, but birds require competent and consistent care. They scatter food, feathers, and waste in the area surrounding their cages. Some can be quite noisy, and more social birds will require daily attention and handling to be happy.

A parrot

Bird Basics

We recommend creating your aviary in advance of adopting your pet bird. All pet birds require these essentials:

  • Appropriate caging and accessories
  • Clean, fresh water
  • Proper nutrition and treats
  • Sanitary environment
  • Regular veterinary exams

Set up the cage with food and water just before bringing the bird home. Be sure the cage is big enough for your new pet to exercise freely and offers perches and areas to rest or walk around. Good quality cages are designed for easy removal of dishes and convenient cleaning.

Position the cage in an area free from hazards and well away from any drafts, fumes, or odors. Place the cage at eye level so your pet feels secure and has a birds-eye view.

Many birds live a long time, some up to a hundred years. Adopting this type of pet requires advanced planning should your bird outlive you or you are unable to care for it in the future.

Regular Care for Birds

We encourage you to bring your new bird for a checkup immediately. While birds do not usually require vaccines, they are susceptible to certain parasites and a number of bacterial and viral infections. A variety of diseases and conditions may be present in your adopted bird, and the stress of moving to a new home could have an impact on your pet’s health.

We recommend you contact our office to schedule an appointment on the day you plan to bring your new bird home.

We provide you with the information and education you need to get your new relationship with your bird off to a good start. Through thorough physical examination and appropriate screening diagnostic tests, we can detect potential disease processes early and start treatment. This early detection of problems and rapid treatment will keep your pet happy and healthy.