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Veterinary Medical Associates Veterinary Medical Associates

Personal Veterinary Care & Exceptional Customer Service

At Veterinary Medical Associates, we care for all of your small animal companions: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, all types of small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. As a full-service animal hospital, our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art veterinary care and excellent customer service.

Wellness Care for Pets

Every animal companion deserves the best in health care, for maximum longevity and superior quality of life. We offer complete services for your unique pets, including the following:

All small animal companions are cared for at Veterinary Medical Associates. We provide disease and parasite prevention services, physical exams, nutrition, dental care, behavioral support, and much more.

Expect a lot from our team...because we care!

Veterinary Care for Sick and Injured Pets

From advanced diagnostics to veterinary surgery , expect the finest care for sick and injured pets. Our internal medicine department offers an array of additional veterinary services designed to bring about healing. These services include veterinary chiropractic care and laser therapy, healing treatments with a strong focus on pain management for the comfort and wellbeing of our patients.

Pain Management Emergencies Pharmacy

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Let’s Get Personal

We offer a pet care experience that is truly personal, with a focus on communication and customized medical and wellness care. Learn more about our hospital, meet our veterinarians and staff, and enjoy reading posts from our team in the Pet Care Blog.


Questions? Call us for personal service in pet care at (209) 527-5855.

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“Thank you Dr. Kahler. You never gave up, even when you were honest about the risks. Your veterinary practice is exceptional.”