The Fourth of July is upon us! Yes, I know it is still June, but it seems that the Fourth starts the last week in June and extends into the second week of July nowadays. Certainly, that is the case with the use of exploding fireworks. Unfortunately, these explosions can be very stressful for our companions, especially our canine companions.

The stress caused by exploding fireworks can lead to true anxiety attacks in some of our dogs and, in some cases, can result in tragedy as these dogs will escape in panic and be hit by cars. I have seen cases where dogs have chewed off doorknobs trying to get indoors, at times breaking off multiple teeth. I think you get the picture. It’s truly heartbreaking.

How can I help my dog with firework anxiety?

Those of you who have dogs like this are aware these companions need help to avoid these anxiety-provoking incidents and this is where we as veterinarians can help. There are anti-anxiety medications that can help these dogs cope with their condition. There are also tranquilizers that can be used as well. Your veterinarian can help you make the proper choice for your dog.

Microchip your Companion

Also, this is an excellent time to make sure your companion is microchipped and that your contact information is up to date on the database. Your veterinarian should also be able to help you with this. Microchipping is an excellent way to help reunite lost companions and their people.

Here’s to a safe Fourth of July two weeks for you and your companions!!