man holding his adopted dog.

Most people that love animals have heard the phrase “adopt, don’t shop,” but why exactly is adoption considered a better option? For starters, adopting a homeless pet is typically the more affordable option. Perhaps more importantly, adoption saves lives and frees up space in the shelter system for more pets to find their forever people. 

October is Adopt a Dog month. This nationally-recognized effort is designed to encourage prospective dog owners to take the leap toward adoption and responsible ownership. Since we know first hand the powerful impact that dogs have on our lives, we’d like to help others embrace this experience of lifetime. 

Are You Ready?

Without a doubt, one of the most significant hindrances to a successful match is inadequate planning. While an impulsive dog adoption can definitely work out, surrenders occur when dog owners are unprepared to meet all of their dog’s needs. 

It is essential to have a good understanding of daily care requirements, potential health challenges, and lifestyle needs for various breeds that interest you. The more you know about them before you adopt, the greater chance you’ll have to achieve peak wellness.

Everyone Else

Adopting a dog is super exciting, but everyone in your home must be on board. This means fellow housemates, family members, and resident pets should be ready to greet a new dog with open arms. Consider allergies, space constraints, and cost-sharing prior to signing the adoption paperwork. 

Once your home is dog-proofed, you have landlord/roommate approval, and you’re fully stocked on gear and supplies, you’re one step closer to adopting a dog. 

When Should I Adopt a Dog?

Adoptions are wonderful no matter the time of year, but during Adopt a Dog month, there’s the chance of meeting a dog you weren’t necessarily looking for. Meeting a dog unexpectedly is one of the greatest experiences in life, and it’s even better when you get along like old pals.

Speaking of old pals, have you ever thought about adopting a senior dog? They are trained, easy-going, and amazing companions. These animals seem to know when they’re given a second chance, and repay their human’s kindness with an incomparable steadiness and affection.

Foster, Then Adopt

Fostering a dog is a great alternative to adopting, and it can also provide a window into what it takes to care for a dog. It’s sort of like you get the chance to test the waters, but it also gives the adoptable foster dog some time away from the shelter environment. Another dog then moves onto the adoption floor, increasing their chances of finding a forever home, too. The best part? Foster dogs often get adopted by their foster families. 

Dogs Are Our Best Friends

If you’re ready to adopt a dog, October is the perfect month to take the plunge. We see the powerful impact of dog ownership every day, and the relationship between an owner and their dog is simply priceless.

If you have any questions about your readiness, the process of adoption, and key steps that follow, please give us a call at (209) 527‑5855. Our staff at Veterinary Medical Associates can’t wait to meet your new best friend!