How are you all doing sheltering in place?  More importantly, how are your companions doing with you sheltering in place?  I suspect there are a few cats out there who are completely out of their routine with their humans taking over their territory during the day.  What the heck is that all about? 

Working from home means different coworkers.

This extra time together, though not ideal in its genesis, does carry with it the wonderful benefit of added time to be with our companions. Hopefully, this increased time together has served to reinforce what a true blessing they are in our lives.  Maybe you are teaching your bird how to talk or taking your dog out for more and longer walks.  I know I am, and perhaps talking to them more as well; all good stuff!  

Maybe you are taking a closer look at their bodies….checking their ears, eyes, teeth et. al., good for you!  Now would be a perfect time to establish some healthy routines for your companions, too, such as brushing their teeth.

None of what we are having to do because of coronavirus is ideal, but one of the great silver linings to this COVID cloud is that four-legged or two-legged gift that brings incomparable joy to you, perhaps even now more than ever. Thank you for allowing us to be part of that special bond!