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Pet Wellness Care: Health & Long Life for Dogs & Cats

At Veterinary Medical Associates we value the bond between animal companions and their caretakers, providing resources, support, and guidance designed to strengthen and sustain that relationship, with wellness care being at the heart of our approach. Our team provides comprehensive wellness care for all the species we see, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pocket pets and more. Our focus on wellness is based on a commitment to the comfort, well-being, and happiness of your animal companion, with a goal of optimal health and long life.

Wellness Care for Healthy Pets

Dogs and cats are living longer than ever before, and in better health. This is due, in part, to a focus on wellness: preventive medicine, dental care, appropriate nutrition, and regular checkups for early identification and treatment of developing problems.

A kitty reaching out with a paw

Relationships Build on Regular Visits

Annual visits to our hospital offer benefits other than basic health care. Certainly, these visits include physical exams, parasite testing and treatment, dental care, and vaccinations against disease. But we don’t stop there.

Each visit is the veterinarian's opportunity to get to know your animal companions: their personalities, abilities, energy, and needs. Our interaction with our patients gives us unique insights into the kind of care they require and how to help you be a better pet caretaker.

These wellness visits allow us to spend time with you, too—to answer your questions and provide education regarding nutrition, training, pet care, and more. Our relationship with you benefits your pets in so many ways, most of all your comfort in approaching us whenever you have a concern.

We offer special Wellness Plans for pets of all ages! Visit our Wellness Plans page to learn more.