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Blue-Green Algae and Dog Safety

Toxic algae blooms are on the rise, and they are often fatal to our beloved companions. Keep your pets safe. 



Save $100 on Geriatric Workups!

While preventative medicine is important for any companion at any age, it becomes especially important as our companions get older. Catching a problem early can not only greatly improve your pet’s quality of life, but also lead to cures in illnesses that can be fatal, if not caught early!

Our comprehensive geriatric workups, including a thorough physical exam, blood work, and radiographs are now $100 off through October 31. Get your coupon and call us at (209) 527-5855 to schedule your exam today!

Congrats on Your 18 Years with Us, Jennifer!

Congratulations to Miranda

Congratulations to Miranda for passing her RVT test. Now she is a registered Veterinary Technician!

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