Paws and Prevention: Preparing Pets For Summer Months

dog drinking water

Humans have a strong knee jerk reaction to discomfort, and that is to do whatever it takes to neutralize the source. Pets, on the other hand, don’t have the same luxury. While they do have certain biological adaptations that help them cope with stressors, such as panting to regulate internal body temperature, they aren’t totally equipped to reduce their risks in the heat. Preparing pets for summer months is an important task, and we’re here to help all pets stay safe. 


The Importance of Immunization For Your Pet

dog getting immunized.

We’re dedicated to helping pet owners protect their best friends from many terrible diseases all year round, but August is National Immunization Awareness month. This important campaign aims to elevate the importance of routine vaccines so that more of our furry friends achieve the health and happiness they deserve. 


Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe

lost dog.

Heatstroke is a real risk to pet safety during the summer months, but it isn’t the only threat. Many pets get lost or go missing in the days surrounding the Fourth of July. The reasons for this include noise anxiety and insecure fencing, but there’s more to this preventable situation. Pet owners can promote pet health and wellness with our tips to keep your pet safe.