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Halloween Costume Contest for Pets!

The staff at VMA are excited to announce a Halloween Costume Contest for your pets!

This will be a fun and exciting time to have your beloved pet dressed up in the cutest, craziest, spookiest, or silliest costume imaginable! Set your pet up for a cute pose and photo session. Be fast! Snap a pic or two (we know you'll take dozens), then go through your photos and select the very best! If your pet is chosen to win the Halloween Costume Contest, he/she will win a special prize! *Drawing date to be announced*

In order to participate in the Halloween Contest we will need those photos. There are a few ways to do this:

1) To have your pet's picture presented on our bulletin board in the hospital, please send us a photo of your pet(s) in an envelope through the mail or delivered personally at our office. These photos will be displayed for all of our clients and patients to see.

2) OR, you can send us a picture through Email.  You may also have the option to tag us on Instagram and FaceBook! These photos will be shared online, however, they will not be posted in the hospital. 

We can't wait to see your pet(s) dressed up! Get creative, go wild, but most of all, have fun!